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Pre-conference workshop
Topic Faculty
Welcome to Pre-conference Workshop Session Dr. V. V. Nadkarni
Dr. Sushil Razdan & Dr. Subhash Kaul
Seizure Control in Geriatric Patients: New Onset vs. Longstanding Epilepsy (Col.) Dr. Ravi Anadure
Panel Discussion: Cognitive Ageing in Elderly with Epilepsy and effect of AEDs Moderator: Dr. A. K. Meena
Panelist: Dr. Ravouf Parvaiz
Asimi, Dr. P. K. Sharma
Managing Status Epilepticus in Older Adults Dr. Sita Jayalakshmi
Breaking the Age Barrier: Epilepsy Surgery in Elderly and its Outcomes Dr. Manas Panigrahi
Welcome Dr. V. V. Nadkarni
Journey of Epilepsy Conclave over 5 Years Dr. Man Mohan Mehndiratta
Session I
WOMEN WITH EPILEPSY Chairpersons: Dr. Deepak Arjundas &
Dr. K. Venkateswarlu
Criticality of Right AED at the Right Time for Women with Epilepsy Across Ages Dr. Mark Cook
Real World Issues in Marriages of PWE Dr. Gagandeep Singh
Panel Discussion: Moving the Needle for Indian WWE Panelist: Dr. Bhawna Sharma,
Dr. Gagandeep Singh, Dr. Mark Cook
Session II
Dr. Pravina Shah
Current and Future Role of SV2A Ligands in Management of Epilepsy Dr. Sangeeta Ravat
Improving Outcomes of People with JME (Lt. Gen.) Dr. C.S. Narayanan
When and How to Discontinue AEDs in Epilepsy patients Dr. Mark Cook
Q & A  
Session III
PEDIATRIC EPILEPSY Chairpersons: Dr. Nandan Yardi &
Dr. Vrajesh Udani
Debate: Advantages and Limitations of Genetic Testing for Epilepsy Dr. Pradnya Gadgil & Dr. Neelu Desai
Acute Neonatal Seizures: Challenges of Early Recognition and Implications for Management Dr. P. A. Mohammed Kunju
Newer vs Older AED's in Routine Clinical Practice in Children Dr. V. Viswanathan
Panel Discussion: Transitioning Care of Patients from Pediatric to Adult Neurologist
(5 min video presentation by Dr. Man Mohan Mehndiratta followed by discussion)
Panelist: Dr. Man Mohan Mehndiratta,
Dr. Arijit Chattopadhyay, Dr. Atampreet Singh
Session IV
Dr. Man Mohan Mehndiratta &
Dr. G. Butchi Raju
Management of Epilepsy Patients with Non-psychiatric Co-morbidities Dr. Puneet Agarwal
Panel discussion: SUDEP - From Understanding Mechanisms to Clinical Prevention. Can the Risk of SUDEP be Predicted and Quantified? Moderator: Dr. Manjari Tripathi
Panel: Dr. Sangeeta Ravat,
Dr. A.K. Thacker, Dr. S. Afshan Jabeen
Session V
(Lt. Gen.) Dr. C. S. Narayanan &
Dr. Atul Agarwal
A Novel Unrecognised Preventable Cause of Acute Symptomatic Seizures Dr. Thomas Mathew
Interesting Cases - Diagnostic Dilemmas Dr. Amit Haldar
A novel method of diagnosing epilepsy through EEG signal processing Dr. Puneet Agarwal
Moderator: Dr. Man Mohan Mehndiratta
Session VI
UPDATES IN EPILEPSY Chairpersons: Dr. S. Mohandas &
Dr. T.K. Banerjee
The New 2017 Classification of Epilepsies - A Bird’s Eye View Dr. Satish Jain
Panel Discussion: The New Definition and Classification of Epilepsies: Does it Help us to Better Communicate the Diagnosis and Management to the Patients? Moderator: Dr. Man Mohan Mehndiratta Panelists: Dr. Satish Jain, Dr. Lokesh Lingappa
Session VII
09:35 am to 10:20 am REFRACTORY EPILEPSY Dr. Pravina Shah & Dr. A.V. Srinivasan
09:35 am to 10:00 am Refractory Epilepsy: One Size Does Not Fit All Dr. Manjari Tripathi
10:00 am to 10:20 am Panel Discussion: Predictors of Intractable Epilepsy: How to Monitor Progress? Moderator: Dr. Joy Desai,
Panelist: Dr. Malla Bhaskara Rao,
Dr. Manjari Tripathi, Dr. G.R.K. Sarma
Session VIII
EPILEPSY: SURGICAL ASPECTS Chairpersons: Dr. P.K. Sachdeva &
Dr. Manas Panigrahi
MRI Negative Epilepsy: Evaluation and Surgical Management Dr. P. Sarat Chandra
Surgery for Early Onset Epilepsy Dr. K. P. Vinayan
Panel Discussion: Post Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy Moderator : Dr. Sita Jayalakshmi,
Panelist: Dr. Malla Bhaskara Rao,
Dr. P. Sarat Chandra, Dr. K. P. Vinayan
Session IX
EPILEPSY AND SLEEP Chairpersons: Dr. Sushil Razdan &
Dr. Mathew Abraham
Epilepsy, Antiepileptic Drugs and Sleep Dr. Sanjib Sinha
Panel Discussion: How to identify Unrecognised Sleep Disorders in Children and Adults to Improve Seizure Control in Epilepsy Moderator: Dr. Praveen Gupta
Panelist: Dr. Sanjib Sinha, Dr. Neetu Ramrakhiani, Dr. K. N. Vykuntraju
Session X
CONTROVERSIES IN EPILEPSY Chairpersons: Dr. Malla Bhaskara Rao &
Dr. Mark Cook
Translational Research in Epilepsy Impacting Future Patient Outcomes Dr. P. Satishchandra
How Far Have We Come in Seizure Prediction of PWE Dr. R. Lakshminarsimhan
Should Non-convulsive Status Epilepticus be Treated Aggressively Dr. Siby Gopinath
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